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The two-phase STORM study assessed the effect of Reductil on achieving and maintaining weight loss in obese people for up to two years. The study was conducted in eight European Centers including Aberdeen, Copenhagen, Antwerp, London, Luton, Maastricht and Stockholm. The first phase of the study, presented at the International Congress on Obesity in Paris last summer, involved a six-month run-in period with 605 obese people who participated in an integrated weight management program that included taking 15 milligrams of Reductil once a day.

Phase II of the study included those patients who had lost more than ten percent of their initial body weight during the first phase. These patients were studied for a further 18-months in a double-blind placebo controlled fashion with 352 people receiving Reductil and 115 patients receiving placebo. Both groups participated in the same intensive weight management program.

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The studies revealed Reductil is well tolerated, and allowed individuals to lose a significant amount of weight. In fact the clinical studies revealed that individuals that combine Reductil with their dieting efforts lost two to three times more weight than those individuals that attempted dieting without Reductil.www.reduxcut represents a safe website to buy generic Reductil online. My colleges and myself wanted to design a website where we could refer our patients to get valid information on Reductil and have the opportunity to buy safely and economically buy Reductil online instead of returning to our clinic each week."Reductil Promotes Fast Weight Loss

Prescription Reductil will help you lose weight, imagine dieting without feeling hungry  all the time or having cravings for those foods that caused you to put the weight on in the first place.
There is no  substitute for experience, some 200,000 doctors have prescribed Reductil slimming pills to more than 15 million individuals to individuals residing in some 78 countries.

Amazingly, One of my medical journals stated that there was more Reductil  prescribed in Europe than all the other prescription weight loss pills combined.

Reductil has been shown in numerous clinical trials to promote safe effective weight loss.

Some 90% of the individuals in these clinical trials that combined Reductil with their dieting efforts lost up to three times more weight than those individuals in the same studies that attempted dieting without Reductil.
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"Your brain triggers you to crave carbohydrates because carbohydrates boost levels of serotonin in the brain. Therefore, when your brain is running low on the Serotonin your brain triggers the cravings for carbohydrates. Reductil keeps serotonin levels elevated, short-circuiting these mentally fueled cravings for carbohydrates while boosting adrenaline levels."




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